CGI 2013 - Programme

CGI Sessions

1a Rendering I
Hideki Todo, Shun'Ichi Yokoyama and Ken Anjyo Lit-Sphere Extension for Artistic Rendering (J)
Xiaodan Liu and Changwen Zheng Parallel Adaptive Sampling and Reconstruction Using Multi-scale and Directional Analysis (J)
Jing Tong, Ligang Liu, Jin Zhou and Zhigeng Pan Mona Lisa alive--Create self-moving objects using hollow-face illusion (J)
Purevtsogt Nugjgar and Norishige Chiba Markov-Type Vector Field for Endless Surface Animation of Water Stream (F)
Ian Doidge and Mark Jones Probabilistic Illumination-Aware Filtering for Monte Carlo Rendering (J)
1b Virtual Reality
Han Liu, Yongliang Yang, Sawsan Alhalawani and Niloy Mitra SmartLayout: Constraint-aware Interior Layout Exploration for Precast Concrete Based Buildings (J)
Zhiguo Ren, Wenjing Gai, Fan Zhong, Julien Pettré and Qunsheng Peng Inserting Virtual Pedestrians into Pedestrian Groups Video with Behavior Consistency (F)
Sergio Moya, Dani Tost and Sergi Grau The Wise Cursor: assisted selection in 3D Serious Games (J)
Gengdai Liu, Shantanu Choudhary, Juzheng Zhang and Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann Let's Keep in Touch Online: A Facebook-Aware Virtual Human Interface (F)
Ufuk Celikcan, Gokcen Cimen, E. Bengu Kevinc and Tolga Capin Attention-Aware Disparity Control in Interactive Environments (J)
Qing Zuo, Yue Qi and Hong Qin A Novel, Integrated Smoke Simulation Design Method Supporting Local Projection and Guiding Control over Adaptive Grids
2a Analysis & Visualization I
Joâo Paulo Gois, Diogo Fernando Trevisan, Harlen Costa Batagelo and Ives Macedo Generalized Hermitian Radial Basis Functions Implicits from Polygonal Mesh Constraints (J)
Chunyuan Li and Abdessamad Ben Hamza A Multiresolution Descriptor for Deformable 3D Shape Retrieval (J)
Ran Song, Yonghuai Liu, Ralph Martin and Paul Rosin 3D Interest Point Detection via Spectral Irregularity Diffusion (J)
Gang Sun, Shuhui Wang, Xuehui Liu, Qingming Huang, Yanyun Chen and Enhua Wu Accurate and Efficient Cross-domain Visual Matching Leveraging Multiple Feature Representations (J)
Enkhbayar Altantsetseg, Yuta Muraki, Katsutsugu Matsuyama and Kouichi Konno Feature Line Extraction from Unorganized Noisy Point Clouds Using Truncated Fourier Series (J)
2b Rendering II
Sebastian Herholz, Jens-Uwe Hahn and Andreas Schilling Dual Space Directional Occlusion (F)
Charly Collin, Mickaël Ribardière , Adrien Gruson , Rémi Cozot , Sumanta Pattanaïk and Kadi Bouatouch Visibility-driven progressive volume photon tracing (F)
Michał Kurowski Procedural generation of meandering rivers with oxbow lakes (s)
Ke Chen, Charly Collin, Ajit Hakke-Patil and Sumanta Pattanaik A Practical Model for Computing Subsurface BRDF of Homogeneous Materials with A Thin Layer of Paint (s)
John Ferraris, Feng Tian and Christos Gatzidis Automatic Terrain Texturing with Dynamic Patch Transitions (s)
Changbo Wang, Qiang Zhang, Fanlong Kong and Hong Qin Hybrid Particle-Grid Fluid Animation with Enhanced Details
3a Modelling I
Jun Wu Christian Dick and Rüdiger Westermann Efficient Collision Detection for Composite Finite Element Simulation of Cuts in Deformable Bodies< (J)
Nina Qiu, Ran Fan, Lihua You and Xiaogang Jin An efficient and collision-free hole-filling algorithm for orthodontics (J)
Shengjun Liu, Guido Brunnett and Jun Wang Multi-level Hermite Variational Interpolation and Quasi-interpolation (J)
Marco Livesu and Riccardo Scateni Extracting curve-skeletons from digital shapes using occluding contours (F)
3b Image based methods I
Yan Kong, Weiming Dong, Xing Mei, Xiaopeng Zhang and Jean-Claude Paul SimLocator: Robust Similar Objects Locating in Images (F)
Jung-Hwan Jin, Hyun Joon Shin and Jung-Ju Choi SPOID: A system to produce spot-the-difference puzzle images with difficulty (F)
Yanxiang Lan, Jiaping Wang, Stephen Lin, Minmin Gong, Xin Tong and Baining Guo Interactive Chromaticity Mapping for Multispectral Images (F)
Younhyun Jung, Jinman Kim and David Dagan Feng Visibility-driven Multi-modal PET-CT Visualisation with Region of Interests (ROIs) Segmentation (F)
Kyehyun Kim, Sangwoo Lee, Jungjin Lee, Younghui Kim, Kyunghan Lee and Junyong Noh Depth Map Generation for Building images (s)
4a Analysis & Visualization II
Tatiana Von Landesberger, Gennady Andrienko, Natalia Andrienko, Sebastian Bremm, Matthias Kirschner, Stefan Wesarg and Arjan Kuijper Opening up the ``black box`` of Medical Image Segmentation with Statistical Shape Models (F)
Pei Luo, Zhuangzhi Wu, Chunhe Xia, Lu Feng and Teng Ma Co-Segmentation of 3D Shapes via Multi-View Spectral Clustering (J)
Jiaxi Hu and Jing Hua Pose Analysis Using Spectral Geometry (F)
Talha Bin Masood, Dilip Mathew Thomas and Vijay Natarajan Scalar Field Visualization via Extraction of Symmetric Structures (J)
4b Modelling II
Yang Wenwu and Xun Wang Shape-Aware Skeletal Deformation for 2D Characters (J)
Ekrem Serin, Selcuk Sumengen and Selim Balcisoy Representational Image Generation for 3D Objects (J)
Ruoguan Huang and John Keyser Automated Sampling and Control of Gaseous Simulations (J)
Xunnian Yang and Maojie Zhao Fast image decomposition using a two-phase image smoothing scheme (s)
5a Computer Vision I
Min Soo Bae and In Kyu Park Content-Based 3D Model Retrieval Using a Single Depth Image from a Low-Cost 3D Camera (J)
Claire Capanna, Gilles Gesquiere, Laurent Jorda, Philippe Lamy and Didier Vibert Three-dimensional Reconstruction using Multiresolution Photoclinometry by Deformation (J)
Chen Zhu and Wee Kheng Leow Textured Mesh Surface Reconstruction of Large Buildings with Multi-View Stereo (J)
Kathleen Moore and Pieter Peers An Empirical Study on the Effects of Translucency on Photometric Stereo (J)
Hui Liang, Junsong Yuan, Daniel Thalmann and Zhengyou Zhang Model-based Hand Pose Estimation via Spatial-temporal Hand Parsing and 3D Fingertip Localization (J)
5b Image based methods II
Hadi Fadaifard and George Wolberg Image Warping for Retargeting Garments Among Arbitrary Poses (J)
Pan Wang, Zhi-Quan Cheng , Ralph Martin, Huahai Liu, Xun Cai and Sikun Li NUMA-Aware Image Compositing on Multi-GPU Platform (J)
Xiaohui Bie, Wencheng Wang, Hanqiu Sun, Haoda Huang and Minying Zhang Intent-aware Image Cloning (J)
Fernando Wong and Shigeo Takahashi Abstracting Images into Continuous Line Artistic Styles (J)
Yongwei Nie, Qing Zhang, Renfang Wang and Chunxia Xiao Video Retargeting Combining Warping and Summarizing Optimization (J)
6a Analysis & Visualization III
Priyadarshi Bhattacharya and Marina Gavrilova Spatial consistency of dense features within interest regions for efficient landmark recognition (J)
Jie Zhang, Changwen Zheng and Xiaohui Hu Triangle Mesh Compression along the Hamiltonian Cycle (J)
6b Computer Vision II
Johannes Ghiletiuc, Markus Färber and Beat Bruederlin 3D-Image-based Real-time Remote Rendering on Smartphones and Tablets (s)
Lu Yu, S.K. Ong and A Y C Nee Inertial Sensor-aided Feature Detection and Tracking for Outdoor Augmented Reality Applications on Mobile Handheld Devices (s)

J=Journal, 20min Presentation + 5min Discussion
F=Full, 15min Presentation + 5min Discussion
s=Short, 15min Presentation + 5min Discussion

NASAGEM Sessions

N1 Geometry Processing I
Martin Gutschke, Alexander Vais and Franz-Erich Wolter A Geometrical Framework to Capture the Dynamical Evolution of Slow-Fast Vector Fields
Hannes Thielhelm, Alexander Vais and Franz-Erich Wolter Geodesic Bifurcation on Smooth Surfaces
Alexandros Papageorgiou and Nikos Platis Triangular mesh simplification on the GPU
N2 Geometry Processing II
Michael Martinek, Roberto Grosso and Günther Greiner Interactive Partial 3D Shape Matching with Geometric Distance Optimization
Benjamin Berger, Alexander Vais and Franz-Erich Wolter Subimage Sensitive Eigenvalue Spectra for Image Comparison
Asla Medeiros E Sa, Karina Rodriguez Echavarria and David Arnold Dual Joints for 3D-structures: Producing Skins for Skeletons by Exploring Duality
Computer Graphics International
11 - 14 June 2013 • Hannover, Germany
General Chair: Prof. F.-E. Wolter
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